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Arena Games partners with Skale Network to bring Zero Gas Fees to a suite of Web3 Games. Arena Games stands out with its comprehensive ecosystem, supporting a wide range of games and game makers across various platforms, catering to every kind of player.

The Arena Games has recently stated that they will be introducing their blockchain gaming knowledge to SKALE. The Skale Network is known for being the world’s quickest blockchain network.

Exploring Arena Games’ Distinctive Features and Impressive Growth

Arena Games stands out from the crowd with a range of exclusive features. This includes a universal account and wallet integration that’s directly integrated into games. Additionally, Arena Games supports popular wallets such as Binance Pay and OKX Wallet, providing token swaps, staking, NFTs, and in-game marketplaces. Since its launch in July, Arena Games has experienced significant growth, with a growing user base and partnerships with major industry players.

Why Arena Games Choose Skale as Partner?

Arena Games partnered with SKALE due to the platform’s benefits, including zero gas fees and instant finality, which align with Arena Games’ aim to enhance web3 gaming. SKALE’s top utilization chain reputation confirms its reliability and efficiency as a blockchain platform, making it ideal for a gaming ecosystem like Arena Games.

SKALE: A Leading Blockchain Platform

SKALE has become a popular blockchain choice for many projects, including Arena Games, due to its scalable and gas-free user experience. Its continued growth and the increasing number of projects utilizing it are a testament to its capabilities and the trust it has earned from the blockchain community.

“We are on a mission to eliminate barriers to entry to web3 gaming, both for developers and gamers. We are keen to simplify the user experience for gamers, and in this regard, the SKALE blockchain accelerates this process through high transaction speed and, of course, zero gas fees, which are an additional bonus for our users.”—Mikheil Didebulidze, Founder & CEO of Arena Games

Redefining Web3 Gaming: Arena Games and SKALE Join Forces

The partnership between Arena Games and SKALE merges a gaming ecosystem with blockchain technology, providing a unique experience for game developers and players. This alliance is crucial in shaping the future of an evolving gaming industry, making it more inclusive, innovative, and enjoyable.

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