Bitcoin’s 195% gain overshadows the tech sector’s ‘Magnificent 7’

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Comparing the performance of the ‘Magnificent 7’ tech stocks—Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tesla, and Apple—to Bitcoin shows that the coveted group of assets is seeing significant competition from Bitcoin. A one-year comparison reveals Bitcoin’s superior performance, posting a 195% increase compared to the Mag 7’s average rise of 101%. Although the two were fairly correlated, Bitcoin’s surge since late February led to a noticeable decoupling.

Over the past year, Nvidia stands as the sole tech stock among its peers to have exceeded Bitcoin’s performance, achieving a remarkable increase of 277%.

Graph comparing the performance of BTCUSD and the Magnificent 7 from March 2023 to March 2024 (Source: Trading View)

Bitcoin, up 47% year-to-date (YTD), would be second only to Nvidia, which is up 84% since the beginning of the year. Three out of the seven tech stocks are showing negative YTD returns — Tesla is down 29%, while Apple and Google are down 9% and 5%, respectively.

Bitcoin’s performance nearly doubles the Mag 7 average of 27%. This leads to speculation on whether sustained BTC growth could trigger a financial shift from these tech stocks into Bitcoin.

BTCUSD vs Magnificent 7 YTD: (Source: Trading View)
Graph comparing the YTD performance of BTCUSD to the Magnificent 7 (Source: Trading View)

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