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The Ethereum Layer 2 network was widely expected to drop its token in May but has delayed the launch to June 26.

Ethereum Layer 2 network Blast has postponed its token generation event (TGE) and airdrop to June 26.

Originally scheduled for the end of May, Blast is distributing two extra allocations of Blast Gold, akin to points, to dApps and users to compensate for the delay.

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As a result, Blur is also extending its Season 3 campaign, which was slated to end in the coming days, until June 26.

Many tokens and NFTs on Blast have been bleeding leading up to the highly anticipated TGE as the incentive to hold them dwindled.

After today’s announcement, tokens on Blast began to reprice higher, as farmers began to accumulate more tokens to add to their jackpot decks. There has not been much movement on Blast NFTs yet, and it’s unclear whether they will catch bids as strongly as the tokens.

Top Tokens on Blast
Top Tokens on Blast

Blast is the fourth-largest Layer 2 with nearly $2.7 billion in total value locked (TVL), according to L2beat.

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