CRYPTO HAS A BIG PROBLEM says MakerDAO Co-Founder – The Defiant

This conversation between The Defiant and Rune Christensen was recorded during Devconnect 2023 in Istanbul.

The conversation between the defiant and Rune Christensen was recorded during DevConnect 2023 in Istanbul.


0:28 Why Rune is in Istanbul

1:02 Crypto Adoption in Türkiye

5:03 Interest for DeFi in Türkiye

8:09 Emerging Markets

10:50 Regulatory Landscape in Türkiye

24:15 MakerDAO Rebrand

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27:51 MakerDAO Endgame Update

33:57 MakerDAO’s Exposure to T-Bills vs Macro Conditions

38:00 Different Stablecoins

47:14 MKR and Governance

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