Discover SpaceCatch – The Game You Won’t Be Able to Leave Aside

The gaming industry keeps coming up with new and bright ideas, relying on advanced technologies, updated concepts, and improved features to keep players engaged for as long as possible.

Still, there is one thing that might drive users away from the video or online games we are used to playing at the moment – the centralized ecosystem.

With the evolution of crypto and blockchain technology, many users have realized that there is another way to do things: a better, more interesting, and more profitable way. It is the same for games, so we can now choose from hundreds of blockchain-based games.

However, while blockchain technology is still new, many developers cannot find a way to use it to get strong security, solid tokenomics, intriguing gameplay, and high anonymity, all at the same time. But those platforms that find the right formula for these features surely get a seat in the front row.

SpaceCatch has already been seated in the front row of the blockchain gaming show, welcoming users to a surprisingly engaging gaming experience while also offering them remarkable rewards and keeping their personal information as safe as possible.

Complex and Captivating Gameplay

SpaceCatch is a blockchain-based game currently in its closed beta version that promises to change the face of blockchain gaming entirely. The project already has a special nickname – The Pokémon GO Killer. This nickname is not random, as SpaceCatch is a little similar to Pokémon GO, only it has improved features and comes with many other advantages.

SpaceCatch encourages users to join the Metaverse through a truly intriguing story. The SpaceCatch action takes place in a parallel universe pretty similar to ours. There, the world was invaded by AI-driven aliens who were looking for a suitable place to mine biomass.

In the SpaceCatch universe, humans become Catchers and have the main goals of defeating the AI-driven aliens and restoring peace on Earth.

To do it, they have access (or are given along the way) to various types of tools, such as throwable weapons, potions, shields, projectile weapons, chargeable weapons, or melee weapons. Each tool can be improved along the way, according to the fights you won.

To defeat the aliens, the Catchers (SpaceCatch Players) have to find the best formula before the fight starts. No one knows what they are about to deal with until the start of the fight, so the choice of weapons and shields has to be carefully made.

SpaceCatch uses many advanced features to offer users an immersive gaming experience. The most interesting technologies used are AR (Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Thanks to augmented reality, SpaceCatch can introduce game elements (e.g., aliens or surroundings) in real-life surroundings, and this can improve users’ experience significantly. Just imagine you get out and activate the M2E (Move-to-Earn) game model, and your enemies, the aliens, start showing up next to you, behind the trees, on a bench, or in your car.

Artificial intelligence comes to change the way the SpaceCatch story progresses for each player. Thanks to advanced AI algorithms, users can get customized gaming experiences; the AI features consider users’ behavior, preferences, decision-making processes, fight mode, and many more.

The Tokenomics You Don’t Want to Miss

SpaceCatch has also focused on developing strong and trustworthy tokenomics that make the entire crypto project even better. Thus, the team of dedicated and passionate developers built CATCH, which is the native token of the crypto project.

CATCH can be earned through staking and then used to get passive rewards. Furthermore, users will be able to exchange, sell, or purchase CATCH on various specialized trading platforms.

But you may wonder how you can get your first CATCH tokens, right? Well, SpaceCatch has already organized 3 presale events that proved to be surprisingly successful. The 1st round (community round) raised $600,000, and the 2nd round (public round) reached a remarkable amount of $1.6 million in raised funds. The final round started on February 1, 2024, and sold out in only 42 hours, raising $1.17 million.

SpaceCatch already sold its presale tokens for surprising prices, gathering around 5,322 holders around its game. But don’t worry, SpaceCatch will organize many other such events in the future. With the CATCH token close to being listed on major exchanges (in March 2024), users will have the chance to trade CATCH tokens and purchase new ones.

Discover More

To learn more about SpaceCatch and its special features, check out the game’s official website, where you will also get updates regarding the token listing and the official launch of the game, which will be available on iOS and Android.

Furthermore, join SpaceCatch on Telegram, Discord, X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, Medium, and CoinMarketCap to be among the first users to learn about the latest special events and offers.

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