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Kodiak Finance raises $2M in Seed Funding Round to develop Berachain’s native liquidity hub. The funding will further enable us to increase the pace at which we scale Kodiak and allow us to continue delivering cutting-edge trading products native to Berachain.

Introducing the Kodiak Contributors: A Team of Innovators in the DEX Landscape

The Kodiak Contributors is a group of experienced builders and enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds in DeFi and infrastructure. This includes developers, venture capitalists, and prior founders. Approximately seven months ago, they embarked on a shared journey fueled by a passion for innovation and breaking new ground in the DEX landscape. They set out to enhance Berachain’s growth and user experience with an open-ended vision that keeps them excited and motivated.

Kodiak Finance Development: Investors Lineup

Kodiak is thrilled to announce the investors who have joined forces with them in the development of Kodiak Finance. Their investors include Build-a-Bera, Amber Group, Shima Capital, No Limit Holdings, Ouroboros Capital, Baboon VC, dao5, ODA Capital, Kenetic, Dewhales Capital, Tenzor Capital, Lotus Capital, Owl Ventures, nonce Classic, 3Commas Capital, Wizards Capital, Credo, Blocmates, DoraHacks, Moni, as well as their valued angels, such as Gainzy, Altcoin Sherpa, NaniXBT, Mckenna (Arete Capital), Mr.Block (Curve), Evan Luthra, Ken (Mechanism), Marc (Mechanism), Jerd (Agnostic), Soby (Xai Games), Jani (0xHoneyJar), John Fiorelli (Kenetic), Kirby Ong, Joyce (GCR), and many other supporters who have contributed to the project.

Kodiak: The Cornerstone of Liquidity on Berachain

Berachain is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) that blends concentrated liquidity with automated liquidity management, and Kodiak serves as a vital pillar for its success. Its product line was developed to provide traders with the ultimate trading experience and to streamline the process of providing concentrated liquidity for liquidity providers and protocols.

Kodiak incorporates the following DEX layers to provide a complete set of trading and liquidity solutions:

  • Decentralized Exchange (Kodiak DEX)
  • Automated Liquidity Manager (Kodiak Islands)
  • Integrated Incentive Layer (Sweetened Islands)
  • No-Code Token Deployer Factory (Panda Factory)
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