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Omnichain Restaking Power! Euclid Finance offers you an easy and cost-effective way to restake your assets. Say goodbye to complex procedures and expensive fees.

Introducing Euclid Finance – The Future of DeFi Ecosystem

With Euclid Finance, you can rest assured that your assets are secure and the restaking process is simplified. It offers a versatile omnichain liquid asset (elETH) that represents restaked positions and establishes an operator network that is both trustless and permissionless. The ultimate goal is to promote accessibility, security, and decentralization of EigenLayer, while also fostering a robust DeFi ecosystem.

Enhancing elETH’s Liquidity with Euclid

Euclid’s top priority is to ensure a consistent user experience while improving elETH’s liquidity. To achieve this, we will initially support native ETH staking, and then gradually introduce various LSTs. However, as LSTs may pose certain risks, each one will undergo a rigorous due diligence process and will only be incorporated once it meets Euclid’s security standards.

Euclid exhibits three significant distinguishing attributes that differentiate it from other protocols:

  1.  elETH is a risk-minimized and omnichain liquid restaking asset.
    elETH is a yield-bearing liquid wrapper for restaked positions. Euclid allows users to deposit ETH and LSTs from different networks without bridging or gas fees. Funds are distributed through a decentralized network of Operators to mitigate the risk of single-point failures.
  2.  Trustless and Permissionless Operator Network
    Euclid allows restakers to delegate assets to different operators who must stake ECL and restake ETH/LST independently as security deposits. This protects restakers’ interests and incentivizes operators with ECL staking rewards and commission earnings.
  3.  Decentralizing Restaking
    Euclid is a fair launch protocol that prioritizes community governance and decentralization. Its tokenomics design favors the community, and it will soon launch with a $2M FDV.

Introducing Euclid’s Fair Launch Approach for a More Decentralized Network

Euclid is committed to building a community-driven platform. That’s why they will be adopting a fair launch approach, with no involvement from institutions or reserved team allocation.  Its tokenomics are designed to incentivize a more decentralized Eigenlayer Operator Network, with the ultimate goal of creating an omnichain LRT that minimizes risk.

Euclid plans to introduce an ePoints system to incentivize early users and track their participation.

  • The system will reward early participants with higher ePoints earning multiplier. Users who engage earlier will receive more ePoints.
  • vlEQB and ePENDLE token holders will be granted additional ePoints bonuses.
  • Users accumulating ePoints will share the IDO allocation and be eligible for the airdrop program.

How to earn rewards with Euclid?

  1. Stake your ETH and LSTs from your preferred networks.
  2. Receive elETH
  3. Earn restaking rewards, EigenLayer points as well as $ECL!

Euclid is a member protocol of NGAD, specializing in Omnichain Liquid Restake Assets, the simplest way to restake your ETH and liquid ETH to Eigenlayer.


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