Rethinking EigenLayer, ERC-404, New Crypto AI Project, Wormhole Token, Pyth Airdrop – The Defiant

Keep up with crypto with The Defiant founder Camila Russo blending essential news and key updates with her own personal insights on this episode.

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This is Crypto With Cami, a show where we go through all the major news in DeFi and Web3 in 30 minutes or less.

This week’s headlines:

0:00 Hot Take

0:35 Agenda

1:21 EigenLayer Removing Caps

3:13 What is Restaking?

7:54 How EigenLayer Works

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12:52 EigenLayer Risks

14:42 SEC vs DeFi

17:15 Mountain Protocol

18:40 Ondo Finance on Sui

19:00 ERC-404

20:15 Morpheus AI

21:25 Wormhole Token

21:50 Pyth Airdrop

22:21 Dymension Launch

23:06 Frax L2

23:24 Farcaster Memecoins

24:00 Solana Outage

25:14 Metamask Robinhood Integration

25:29 ENS x GoDaddy

26:00 Dencun Upgrade

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