Robert Kiyosaki to Purchase More BTC If This Devastating Bitcoin Prediction Comes True

Robert Kiyosaki, known for his advocacy of Bitcoin (BTC), gold, and silver, has revealed that he would acquire more BTC if the crypto asset’s value ever drops to $200, as American financial writer Harry Dent predicted.

In a Tuesday tweet, Kiyosaki, the author of several financial books, including Rich Dad Poor Dad, said he hopes Dent’s prediction comes true, as such an occurrence would produce new multi-millionaires and possibly a few billionaires.

Bitcoin to $200?

Dent is known as the harbinger of financial and economic recession. Although most of his forecasts have been unsuccessful, he correctly predicted the 2000 dotcom crash and Japan’s 1989 bubble burst and recession. He told Think Advisor in October 2023 that the United States economy would experience “the crash of a lifetime” in 2024, with the stock market falling 86% on the S&P index.

The controversial analyst said the crash was two years late and would hit this year, affecting every sector, including real estate. Dent also insisted that the central bank compromising this incoming calamity would only make the next one even bigger and that the best haven would be treasury bonds.

According to Kiyosaki, Dent’s “everything crash” could see the Baby Boomer generation become the biggest losers because their homes would lose value. Regardless, the Rich Dad Poor Dad author intends to acquire more real estate, gold, silver, and BTC, to position himself for more wealth.

“If Harry is correct I will simply buy more real estate, gold, and silver. If Bitcoin drops to $200 per coin I will buy as many coins as I can. If Harry is right; those who are prepared will soon be multi-millionaires and possibly a few new billionaires. I hope Harry Dent is right. Even if he isn’t, those who are holding gold, silver, and Bitcoin will be richer,” Kiyosaki stated.

Kiyosaki Still Prefers Bitcoin

The Bitcoin proponent further reiterated his claims that the dollar is fake money, gold and silver are God’s money, while BTC is the people’s money.

While Kiyosaki urges people never to relent in purchasing gold and silver, he still prefers BTC to precious metals because of the asset’s capped supply of 21 million. He deemed BTC superior to other assets as its limited supply gives it an advantage.

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