Solana resumes operations after resolving major outage

The Solana blockchain network resumed full operations following a five-hour major outage that temporarily halted transactions and disrupted services.

The interruption, which started at approximately 9:53 AM UTC, was resolved after a collaborative effort by Solana’s engineers and validator operators, leading to a successful network restart at 14:57 UTC. It was the first outage for the network in more than 350 days.

Major outage

The outage was attributed to a software issue related to the network’s upgrade mechanism, which caused a complete stop in block production, effectively freezing transactions across the network. The issue was promptly addressed through an upgrade to software version 1.17.20, allowing for a restart of the network cluster and restoration of services​​​.

Experts pointed to a complication with the Berkeley Packet Filter mechanism, a component used for deploying upgrades and executing programs on Solana, as the source of the failure. This incident highlights the complexities of maintaining a large-scale blockchain network and the importance of rapid response capabilities.

Despite the temporary disruption, the value of Solana’s SOL token showed resilience, with signs of recovery shortly after network operations were resumed. This marks a significant event for Solana, following a history of operational challenges, yet it highlights the community and engineering team’s ability to effectively address and resolve issues​.

Thorough analysis promised

In response to the outage, the Solana Foundation has committed to conducting a thorough root cause analysis to prevent future incidents. This commitment to enhancing network reliability and ensuring the trust of users and developers is paramount as Solana continues to support a wide range of decentralized applications and financial protocols.

Solana’s swift recovery from this outage demonstrates its network’s robustness and its support teams’ dedication to maintaining one of the leading platforms in the blockchain space.

As the network returns to normal operations, stakeholders within the Solana ecosystem remain optimistic about its capacity to navigate the challenges inherent to blockchain technology.

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