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Stratos partners with Nimble Network to empower decentralized AI infrastructure. The Stratos’s mission is to offer fully decentralized, high-performance DePIN infrastructure customized for Web3 projects and developers.

Stratos D-cloud provides a range of tools like storage, computation, database, and blockchain services to free projects from centralized dependencies, enhancing platform performance and decentralization.

The Goal of the Partnership

Its storage network has outperformed centralized clouds such as Google Drive, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness. Through this integration, Nimble will have access to Stratos’ decentralized storage solutions, which are highly efficient and secure, specifically designed to meet their AI processing needs.

One of Stratos’ significant innovations is the Proof-of-Traffic consensus mechanism. This system motivates network node providers by tracking real-time file usage and traffic metrics. By doing so, it guarantees top-notch performance and promotes engagement within its decentralized ecosystem.

Introducing Nimble Network

Nimble Network, headed by a group of seasoned AI professionals from renowned companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, and Robinhood, is at the forefront of developing the Composable AI Protocol. Nimble is constructing a consolidation layer for AI, allowing high-quality AI to leverage on-chain infrastructure for enterprises.

The Nimble Network enables composability for AI models, compute resources, and training data, allowing developers to access global expertise and infrastructure for building custom applications and models at lower costs than big tech companies.

Projects such as Stratos from DePIN can grant access to computing resources, while Nimble will pair them with AI models in need of training or deployment.

Coming Together for a Decentralized AI Infrastructure

Stratos and Nimble Network aim to transform AI data infrastructure by merging decentralized storage from Stratos with Nimble’s network, enhancing data accessibility and reducing latency for AI tasks. Stratos’ scalable solutions support Nimble’s expanding data needs, ensuring agility in AI development.

Nimble aims to enhance its AI processing platform by integrating decentralized storage, enabling AI projects to innovate efficiently and deliver value securely.

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